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Company Profile
J.S. Machine is an international and diversified manufacturing company covering R&D, production, sales and services.

Founded in 1957, J.S. Corrugating Machinery Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as J.S. Machine) started its early business in farm tools. Since 1974, J.S.Machine has been engaged in the packaging machinery business and has become the single largest corrugating packaging machinery company in China. It successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in June 1998 (stock code: 000821). With rich experience in industrial manufacturing and advanced technology research in the fields of visual recognition, machine learning, and electronic control, J.S. Machine has establishing a leading platform in the artificial intelligence and industrial automation industries, and gradually expanded its business scope to include non-standard automation equipment manufacturing and new energy, while creating a manufacturing ecosystem for its intelligent equipment.

J.S. Machine actively cooperates with well-known universities such as WHU, HUST and WHUT to accelerate the research and development of the company and the transformation of its achievements. It jointly built the Intelligent Equipment Research Institute in Wuhan Optics Valley with HUST and the Common Technology Research Institute of Paper Products Packaging Machinery with HUT in Jingshan, and established an academician expert workstation in Jingshan in cooperation with Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians Li Peigen and Zhu. In addition, it has also invested in the emerging technology industry in the United States through the BRC Foundation, seeking cutting-edge technologies in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

At present, Jingshan light machinery ranks first in the field of packaging automation for many consecutive years; in the field of photovoltaic module automation, the market share is nearly 40%, leading the industry; in the Area of non-standard automation, it serves well-known enterprises at home and abroad, leading the “first line-up” of the industry.

J.S.Machine has a global marketing and service network, covering major regions including Russia, Turkey, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, North America and Latin America. In addition, with a strategic worldwide perspective, the company is dedicated to establish overseas manufacturing facilities and successfully completed its first overseas manufacturing plant in India in August 2013.

In the future, J.S. Machine will further increase investment in R&D in the fields of visual recognition, industrial unmanned technology and deep learning, and continue to innovate standard automation for packaging, digital printing and photovoltaics, non-standard automation such as 3C, food, ceramics, and smart factories (smart logistics, three-dimensional storage, automation, etc.).Aiming to be the promoter of smart manufacturing, J.S. Machine has created a ecosystem for its intelligent equipment production to look at the future vision across the industry and the key challenges to get there.

Ecological framework

Start the platform with a concentric dream, build up ecology with empowering each other, and prosper the industry with smart manufacturing.

Through endogenous development and extensive acquisition, the company has formed the industrial automation layout with the core of “packaging automation +3C automation + photovoltaic automation”, which covers more than ten industries, including production line automation, intelligent logistics, intelligent storage, and has maintained rapid development momentum.

At present, the company has designed and implemented more than ten industrial automation solutions, with mature cross-industry development experience.

Through the group integration management of the company, we strengthened cooperation and promoted the mutual promotion and development of the company’s business.

As an innovator of China’s intelligent equipment manufacturing, J.S. Machine will help China make the smart era and create a smart equipment manufacturing ecosystem with global influence.

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Development Strategy
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  • 1. Industry competitive advantage

    As part of our growth strategy, we have continuously expanded our business both organically and inorganically with a focus on automation industry covering packaging, 3C and PV. In the packaging automation business, it has maintained its leading position in the industry for many years and its international competitiveness has improved significantly. In terms of 3C business, it has notable advantages in the segmentation of mobile phone battery packaging lines. And new products that have been successfully researched and developed, such as betel nut automatic point-halogen production line, have been well received by customers. In the automation production line business of PV modules, the product technology level and service quality are highly recognized by customers as a leading-edge provider. The company has designed and implemented automation solutions for more than a dozen industries and has mature cross-industry development experience.

    With integrated management and collaboration, J.S. Machine has created a complete ecosystem of intelligent equipment manufacturing. A multi-level, multi-domain manufacturing business system has been established, covering artificial intelligence algorithm development, visual identification modules, precision components, production line automation, logistics and warehousing automation, smart factories and so on.

    2018 is a milestone year for the company on its smart factory overall solution business, as it marks the company's leading position in this field.

    Industry competitive advantage
  • 2, Strong creative ability

    At present, the company has production facilities in central, eastern and southern China, and production plant in India in order to help the company better and faster serve the international and domestic markets .

    In the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing, J.S. Machine adopts a series of measures, including increasing investment and conducting external cooperation to enhance technical strength; continuing informationization and integrated management to improve capacity utilization and production efficiency; and strengthening lean management to achieve continuous optimization of production processes, cost-reduction and quality improvement.

  • 3, R&D capability


    By the end of the reporting period, the company had 44 invention patents, 220 utility model patents, 65 software copyrights and 4 appearance patents in validity. And a total of 132 inventions and new utility patents are being accepted.

    J.S. Machine and its subsidiaries Aimega, SC-solar, HDC and Knfun all are national high-tech enterprises. With an academician (expert) workstation, a national enterprise technology center, a provincial engineering research center, and Suzhou Enterprise Technology Center, the company maintains outstanding technical talents and R&D capabilities in machine vision, industrial automation, and mechanical manufacturing processes.

  • 4. Market development and service advantages

    The company’s marketing and service network covers more than ten regions, including Russia, Turkey, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Vietnam, Latin America, Southeast Asia, North America and India. Our products are now in markets of more than 60 countries and regions, and we are cooperating with more than 400 customers. It also has a R&D center in Europe and a production facility in India to server for customers home and abroad. It has established strong relationships with top customers in different business sectors and obtained a good reputation in the industry.