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Spanning a hundred years to build our dreams and, looking back at the past, we are thankful and proud.

From the era of the planned economy to the era of market economy, J.S. Machine has undergone a major historical turning point. What we are most proud of today is not that we have two listed companies, whose sales are rising, and our products are in great demand at home and abroad; but that this company has built its solid foundation and for sustainable and steady growth.

As a company that started its business from a small town in the mountainous area of central China, the history of J.S. Machine stretches back more than 60 years. Meanwhile as reported only less than 2% US companies last for more than 50 years, and the average lifespan is 40 years of European enterprises, 2.5 years of Chinese SMEs, 7-8 years of Chinese group companies.

What brought the company to where it stands today?

The Four Key Pillar of J.S. Machine’s Way

What brought the company to where it stands today?

  • Cultivation of talents

    We are actively exploring to get the best Talents in the world and setting up an incentive system.

  • Technological INNO

    we have accumulated 135 patents for invention, 759 utility models and 28 patents for appearance.

  • Market exploitation

    Over 20 years’ development, Our products are now in markets of more than 60 countries and regions.

  • Cooperation

    J.S. Machine has cooperated with HK & TWN businessmen such as Lan Xilong and Liao Chaofu for 25 years.

1. Introduction and cultivation of talents

By far, J.S. Machine has funded more than 400 employees for engineering and technical further studies. Since 1987, the first group of college students have worked for J.S. Machine for more than 30 years. Thanks to the selfless dedication of all employees, J.S. Machine has made its present achievements. Now facing the increasingly complex and fierce global competition, J.S. Machine is actively exploring how to get the best talents in the world, and establish a training incentive system to meet new challenges.

2.Technological innovation

The achievements of J.S. Machine today cannot be separated from the outstanding innovative ability of its employees and the technological innovation system . Along the way, more than 1100 patents have been obtained, including 135 invention patents, 759 practical patents, and 194 software copyrights; We have achieved remarkable results in the industrial field, including the increase of production line speed from the initial 40m/min to 400m/min; Industry-university-research cooperation on technologies such as industrial robot cloud services and intelligent logistics; making great achievements in the field of industry, artificial intelligence, and machine vision; obtaining a series of honors successively, including "National Technology Center", "National Industrial Design Center", and "National Green Factory".

3.Market exploitation

Since 1989 J.S. Machine held its first Open House inviting customers at home and abroad to visit the factory and watch the running show, 28 sessions have been held successfully. It is still one of the biggest events in China's packaging machinery industry, showing the leading position of J.S. Machine in this field.With more than 20 years of growth, it has a strong track record in global market. Its overseas business footprint covers more than 60 countries and regions, with a total of more than 400 partners and customers all over the world.

4.Cooperation and integration

J.S. Machine has built strong relationship with its partners and suppliers such as Hong Kong and Taiwan businessmen Lan Xilong and Liao Chaofu for a long-lasting friendship for more than 25 years.In order to seize the new opportunities in the next 20 years, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain, and occupy a new technological high point under the wave of "artificial intelligence" known as the fifth technological revolution, J.S. Machine has cooperated with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, Hubei University of Technology for intelligent equipment research; established an academician expert workstation in cooperation with Academician Li Peigen and Academician Zhu Yingguo.

Transformation and alternation.

For J.S. Machine, while inheriting the corporate heritage for more than 60 years, it also has to keep up with the pace of the times.

In terms of technology, we have focused on R&D and enhanced our research capacity in visual recognition, autonomous driving at the industrial level and deep learning systems in various sub-industries by setting up four basic research laboratories and strengthening cooperation with external superior resources.

In the application field: We have fully leveraged our over 40 years of application understanding and technological advantages in industrial manufacturing, applying cutting-edge technological achievements in fields like artificial intelligence to areas such as packaging automation, photovoltaic automation, battery automation, digital printing, and intelligent logistics. By adhering to five core values and grasping six key elements, we have closely integrated the technological roadmap with application areas. We hope that through our efforts, we can promote the process of intelligent manufacturing and win worldwide praise for Made in China.

The difficulty in running a business lies in its unpredictability.However, with 60 years of successful experience combined with existing resources and internal and external advantages, we can deduce the "small goal" of J.S. Machine.

Firstly, J.S. Machine strives to be one of the first-tier manufacturers of intelligent machines in China;

Secondly, we work to become a leading player in this field and hit an total revenue of 10 billion RMB.

As we look to the future, we continue to build upon our strengths and remain steadfast to sustainable growth. We are committed to giving our clients the best value in the industry and that will continue to deliver a better tomorrow as a trusted partner, embodying the values of entrepreneurial leadership, teamwork and integrity.