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A. workflow (video)

B. Product introduction: SHYZ-A-07 Series AGV & SHYZ-A-40 Series AGV

2.1 Product Description

The blue ant intelligent logistics robot adopts two-dimensional code vision, and the combination of laser radar and sonic TOF module navigation mode breaks through narrow space restriction barriers, realizes automatic avoidance and autonomous trajectory planning, omnidirectional movement, and efficient intelligent operation. Through the integration of SLAM map establishment and dispatching system, multiple logistics robots can work together at the same time to complete warehousing logistics and intelligent factory logistics tasks.

Appearance size

A-07-L type: length 1760.5mm, width 873mm, height 934.6mm;
A-07-Q latent: 1760.5mm long, 873mm wide, 271.1mm high;
Note: Size can be customized according to actual requirements.

2.2 SHYZ-A-40 Series AGV Product Brief

The SHYZ-A-40 series AGV is mainly developed for the logistics of raw paper in the corrugated paper logistics industry. The body can be omnidirectional and has a hydraulic lifting function. The unique V-groove design can handle large cylindrical objects. Precise device docking is achieved through binocular visual positioning. It adopts high-voltage DC power supply system and has the characteristics of strong endurance. The control system is the same as the SHYZ-A-07 system.

Appearance size

A-40 type: 2731.6mm long, 1200mm wide, 420mm high;
Note: Size can be customized according to actual requirements.

2.3 Properties

Mechanical properties

Drive mode: Servo motor;
Drive Power: DC48V;
Battery type: lithium iron phosphate;
Battery capacity: 80AH;
Charging method: manual, automatic, battery quick change;
Carrying capacity: 700kg (customizable);
Lifting capacity: 700kg (customizable);
Walking speed: 0-1.5 m/s;
Steering Mode: Omnidirectional;
Drive Wheel: Mecanum Wheel;
Climbing ability: 8°.

Control performance

Navigation: QR code vision, laser, magnetic strip (Optional);
Communication method: wireless communication;
Navigation accuracy: ±10mm;
Control Unit: PICO-IB Controller.

C. Intelligent Logistics Product Introduction: Blue Ant Stacker

3.1 Product Description

The blue ant stacker has two models. The visual navigation version needs to be used with the QR code map. It is mainly suitable for workplaces with good environment. The laser navigation version and gravity sensing equipment rely on the natural environment. Map, suitable for workplaces with more dust and waste. The blue ant stacker is a standard stacker body with a maximum moving speed of 1.5m/s and a full load of 0.8~1.2m/s depending on the inertia offset of the center of gravity of the loaded cargo. Rated load 1500kg, optional lead acid battery or lithium battery. Lithium battery supports fast charging, charging time is 2h, running time is full 8h, typical movement is 14h. Optional quick change battery with quick change tool cart.

Product Name: Blue Ant Stacker
Features: Standard pallet design, optional quick-change battery, configuration front camera, real-time boot shelf, radar + visual guidance, human-machine collaboration
scheduling system: support 50+ vehicle scheduling, browser scheduling, custom UI, position management
Self-built map: Hanxin platform self-built map, independent planning path
Run speed: full load 0.8 – 1.2m/s, no load 1.5m/s
Running time: full load 8h, no load 14h
Load range: 1500kg
Charging time: 2H

4. Control System

AGV's "brain" - software control, using: "top-level scheduling system + smart bicycle system + embedded control system" three-layer control architecture. This control architecture enhances the intelligence of a single robot and reduces the workload of central scheduling. The core control unit is the “PICO-IB” controller. Combined with laser radar and industrial cameras to achieve positioning, navigation, scheduling, and operation. Application technologies include:

Visual QR code positioning technology;
Lidar shelf recognition technology;
Lidar obstacle avoidance technology.