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A. Smart factory, the future has come

B.Traditional factory highlights the dilemma

2.1 Traditional factory operation mode pain points

Workers complain that handling cardboard cartons is labor intensive and restricts equipment speed;
Carrying the car in the workshop, causing personnel and equipment safety incidents;
Insufficient space for raw paper and cardboard stocks, limiting production capacity;
Low degree of automation, strong dependence on workers, skilled workers are difficult to recruit labor costs;
High land cost;
The quality is unstable.

2.2 Thinking about the dilemma

How to master the real-time production data of tile, logistics and follow-up equipment? Has been scheduled? Subsequent printing? Subsequent bonding ? Has been shipped out?
How do I know the production status of the workshop remotely?
How does the logistics system achieve automatic unattended scheduling?
How do I know the usage status of each roll of base paper?
How to manage the outbound storage of the base paper? Actual consumption?
How to arrange efficient and efficient?

C.The value that smart factories bring to you

3.1 Simplified whole plant layout design

More efficient layout design → shorter path, better layout
Consider future changes → ensure your flexibility
Safety first → accidents are very expensive

3.2 Optimized smart device configuration and selection

Select equipment based on demand → save investment
High quality equipment→less downtime, more efficient
Best Support from Partners→Quick Spare Parts Supply

3.3 More Capacity - More Profits

Increase your plant capacity → more production value
Shorter product lead time → more valuable suppliers
Improve Quality → Keep Your Customer Relationship

3.4 Lower investment - lower cost

Factory Intelligence → Save Labor
Smart Logistics Solutions→Save Energy and Time
Reduce scraps → save base paper, glue and ink

3.5 Government policy support to seize smart manufacturing highlands


Industry 4.0, China's smart manufacturing trend, the government launched smart manufacturing support policies at different levels of the national, provincial and municipal levels to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. Our company provides technical support and cooperation. Enterprise intelligent manufacturing upgrades.

D.Smart Factory System Solution

J.S.Machine has been focusing on the packaging industry for more than 40 years. It has continuously innovated and researched and developed a wealth of industry experience. It is the only one in the industry with a whole plant equipment provider, closely surrounding the market and customer needs. Comply with the national intelligent manufacturing, the trend of the industry 4.0 era, with the mission of “making customers' factory management easier, making customers' work more comfortable, and making the boss's investment return higher”, becoming a professional intelligent factory system solution partner around the customer. .


The Smart Factory consists of four core modules: Smart Devices, Intelligent Logistics, Smart Warehousing and Intelligent Factory Management System.